Gamal Abdel Nasser & Tito at the University of Calgary

Calgary SUMMIT Wrapped Up Friday

Dictators Gamal Abdel Nasser and Josip Broz Tito, both previously believed to be dead, have been meeting in Calgary since Wednesday.

Equipment Requests Denied

Through diligent research and eavesdropping, ARTGOSSIP.CA has assembled the following list of performance equipment and supplies requested by artists, but denied by M:ST for budgetary or other reasons:

Eduardo Oramas & Vicky ***** eat pop rocks at John Snow House.

Wednesday Gossip Round-Up

On Wednesday evening at John Snow House, Andy Paterson gave a performative lecture on the history and archives of The New Gallery. …

M:ST Blogger Fixated on Bad Smells

Mountain Standard Time’s festival blogger–or Animenteur, according to the programme, is neglecting critical discourse in favour of reporting on artists’ clothing and …

Allison, Oramas, & Brown

POLL: Balloons? Balloons!

A number of artists in this year’s festival have used latex balloons in performance. Emily Promise Allison conducted a balloon orchestra during …


Fatigue Sets In

Festival Artistic Director Tomas Jonsson was spotted drinking at landmark Calgary watering hole The Unicorn around 5:30pm on October 23. As well, …