Friday Gossip Round-up – Part 1

Friday’s gossip post is so big and juicy that it needs be be split into two parts!

After Nahed Mansour & Bojana Videkanic‘s final performance on Friday afternoon, festival supporters met downtown at Royal Canadian Legion #1. Art Club, explained Rita McKeough, meets there every Friday evening at the Legion. Over pints, Tomas Jonsson, McKeough, and M:ST board members Renato Vitic and Sonia Edworthy debriefed on the successes and failures of the 6th biannual festival.

Vitic expressed disappointment at the dearth of nudity, but reported that the floor of Truck is still sticky and will probably take weeks to clean. (Vitic was referring to TouVA Offspring Christina Mayder‘s honey-drenched performance.)

Jonsson remarked that, barring the situation in Lethbridge, there were surprisingly few injuries. Other topics ranged from visiting artist programs (at ACAD & the UofC) to lightbulb jokes, and of course, as is ubiquitous among artist-run types, real estate and property rentals.

“Q: How many performance artists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: I don’t know, I left.” — McKeough.

“Q: How many relational aestheticists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: One, but she gets a member of the public to do it for her.”

Karillyn Ming Ho (far left) and others at Stride Gallery on October 26.

By 8pm the group dispersed, and most headed over to Stride for dual openings: Karilynn Ming Ho‘s WHERE WHERE THERE THERE in the Project Space, and Brian Batista‘s colourful “3D” paintings of Hindu deities upstairs.

l-r: Tomas Jonsson & Pauline Cummins