Wednesday Gossip Round-Up

Eduardo Oramas & Vicki Chau eat pop rocks.

On Wednesday evening at John Snow House, Andy Paterson gave a performative lecture on the history and archives of The New Gallery. It was well-attended by both artists and fans of local history, including ACAD instructor Shelley Ouellet and newly-arrived festival artists Nahed Mansour and Bojana Videkanic.

After the lecture, several artists stuck around drinking beer and discussing the festival. including Artistic Director Tomas Jonsson (who sat across from Paterson, giggling conspiratorially), New Gallery Administrative Director Su Strang, and JSH Director Kaylin Pearce.

After holding forth about the work of John Greyson and his fascination with squirrels, Andy listed a few of the videos his white lab coat had been featured in, including works by Greyson, Keith Cole, and a protest by AIDS Action Now.

Andy Paterson reading a poem, signed by one “K. Burns”, that he found in the New Gallery’s archives at John Snow House.