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Eduardo Oramas

TouVA Offspring Yules Wai
TouVA Offspring Jesse Altura outside Truck.
Sandra Vida plants tiny pyramidal mountains in the snow at the University of Calgary.

M:ST 6 Highlights

A few highlights from Mountain Standard Time 6 that you might not have seen yet:

Wednesday Lupypciw (far right) and fans.

Friday Gossip Round-up – Part 2

At the end of the night, artists who couldn’t get enough headed to the HiFi Club. Sources say Eduardo Oramas was seen stumbling home at nearly 4am.

Eduardo Oramas & Vicky ***** eat pop rocks at John Snow House.

Wednesday Gossip Round-Up

On Wednesday evening at John Snow House, Andy Paterson gave a performative lecture on the history and archives of The New Gallery. …

Allison, Oramas, & Brown

POLL: Balloons? Balloons!

A number of artists in this year’s festival have used latex balloons in performance. Emily Promise Allison conducted a balloon orchestra during …