Self-portraits of my hands

Self-portraits of my hands lounging naked in bed.

I’ve been working on a series of photographs exploring fat women and sexuality. Through it, I am trying to evoke the dual sensations of attraction and repulsion inherent in our society’s relationship to fat women, creating ridiculous bodyscapes using only my hand. These farcical sexscapes, intended to be mistaken for other, larger bodyparts, will remain, to the average viewer, alien even after they come to understand what the subject of the photographs is because our collective denial of the fat woman’s body includes all of her parts, including her hands.

The natural lighting, and pictures taken at various times during the day, are meant to suggest a comfortable, placid environment and a day filled with self-indulgent lounging. The subject of a partner or a second body is never broached, except when the viewer imagines one amidst the creases and bumps. This atmosphere set up through the series subtly confirms our learned suppositions of fat women as self-indulgent, and resists confrontationalism by refusing to suggest the viewer’s role in this taboo sexcapade, thus allowing us to let our guard down enough to explore the attraction/repulsion element of the physicality of the body, which we normally are forbidden from engaging.