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Creepy Sex with Creeps


Context is a very important element in my work. Even after I am finished creating the work, my art does not exist until there is some context for its’ interpretation.

In my mind, art is what happens between the artist and the work, between the work and the viewer, and incidentally between the artist and the audience. I have titled this exhibition Creepy sex with Creeps, although few or none of these works have anything to do with actual sex. Because I have suggested that they do, however, I am forcing the viewer to place them in that kind of context – making them “creepy” in their own way, even without that word as a label. (Artists have worked for decades to convince the conservative public that nudity in art is neither vulgar nor necessarily sexual – the body is simply a beautiful form. I intend to set that discussion back by a millennium by implying that that is just not the case – that these innocuous paintings are indeed sexual and indeed creepy, and perhaps not beautiful in the least.)
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