M:ST Blogger Fixated on Bad Smells

Mountain Standard Time’s festival blogger–or Animenteur, according to the programme, is neglecting critical discourse in favour of reporting on artists’ clothing and drinking habits.

“I’m afraid she’s going to give performance art a bad name by fixating on the most sensational and stereotypical behaviour,” commented Artistic Director Tomas Jonsson. “She only mentions the art if it is messy, smelly or involves nudity!”

Festival blogger Megan Morman does not consider herself a writer, but rather a visual artist who makes performative, writing-based work. Sources say Morman was confirmed only a week before the festival started, after an early-morning meeting in which she swore she would do a good job reporting on M:ST’s nearly 60 artists.

Meanwhile, her roommate at John Snow House, video artist Andy Paterson (himself an experienced festival blogger), expressed concern over Morman’s excessive coffee consumption and erratic sleeping patterns.

Morman can be seen at most festival events, giggling and gesturing to herself while scribbling in a small notebook and poking confusedly at the buttons on her camera.

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