AUDIO: Performing Masculinities Panel

On Thursday, at the University of Calgary’s Nickle Gallery, artists who have who have dressed in men’s clothing for during their performances discussed their practices’ relationships with gender and masculinity. Interestingly, all panelists were women: Pauline Cummins, Kay Burns, Wednesday Lupypciw, Nahed Mansour, and Bojana Videkanic. The panel was moderated by Karilynn Ming Ho, whose exhibition WHERE WHERE THERE THERE opens at Stride Gallery on October 26.

Wednesday Lupypciw with an image from JDH: Keepin’ On, Keepin’ On

Lupypciw discusses lady drag, Board Meeting of the Easy Town Super Hos and LIDS’ JDH: Keepin’ On, Keepin’ On, in which she attempted to live the life of Calgary artist Jason de Haan for a week.

LISTEN: Wednesday Lupypciw

Mansour & Videkanic as Nasser & Tito

“When they [Gamal Abdel Nasser & Josip Broz Tito] met each other, and met other of their allies involved in the Non-Aligned Movement, they very much took on each other’s mannerisms and dressed similarly.”

Pauline Cummins

We copy how men take up space, and how relaxed men are, or appear to be, on the street. I would never lean on a bin and stay there for ten minutes as a woman, but as a man it’s kind of relaxing.”

LISTEN: Pauline Cummins

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