Lethbridge Cabaret & Gossip Round-Up

Dick Averns‘ caravan left the Epcor Centre shortly after 10:30am on Sunday. Missing was the vehicle carrying Les Fermières Obsédées, reportedly driven by a chronically-speeding, caffeine-addict volunteer. The caravan stopped in Claresholm for lunch at Roy’s Place, which sported a sign saying “Hippies Use Backdoor”.

MacKenzie Boyle & Karly Mortimer

After the lecture and performances at the SAAG, festivalgoers walked and drove around the city to half a dozen closed-for-Sunday-night bars before ending up at TenTen on Mayor Magrath Drive. The kitchen was closed, but artists munched on free popcorn and told stories of puking during and after performances.

An informant emailed this photo of Randy Gledhill to artgossip.ca.

At TenTen, Randy Gledhill made good on his promise to finish Wednesday’s story of his road trip with the Hell’s Angels. In this episode, they save him from another run-in with gayhippy-bashing cowboys, and, as thanks, he gets them high on weed.

Near the end of the night, confusion over where the visiting artists would stay became acute as people grew tired and tipsy. “I have no fucking idea where I am and I have no idea where I’m supposed to be!” exclaimed Andy Paterson. Artistic Director Tomas Jonsson left to book a hotel room while Sarah Jane Christensen ordered Domino’s pizza delivery directly to the bar.

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