Artists Flee Lethbridge in Blizzard

Artists remaining in the Southern Alberta city of Lethbridge following Monday’s performances fled the city in a blizzard. Chun Hua Catherine Dong, David Frankovich, Andy Paterson, Tomas Jonsson and I made the sub-90kmh drive home in just over three hours. Back in Calgary, the exhausted artists stopped for dinner at the Blackfoot Truckstop.

Bjorn Neukom’s purple baggies and orange duct tape will probably not lead to any lawsuits.

Sunday evening’s cabaret had been ravaged by several particularly messy performances. The strong smell from Bj√∂rn Neukom‘s baggies filled with purple Pine Sol led to allegations of poisoning. In addition, flying chocolate sauce–both indoors and out–left disgruntled audience members with dry-cleaning bills.

Ironically, audience members could be heard commenting after MacKenzie Boyle & Karly Mortimer‘s performance that the sauce in their vase would have been stronger, conceptually, as cow or ox blood. As every fan of performance art knows, blood is both smellier and tougher to clean.

David Frankovich at the University of Lethbridge

Earlier in the day, the snow held off for Dong’s and Frankovich’s performances at the University of Lethbridge. Fans will be heartened to hear that the female roommate of the young man who shouted gay and trans-phobic slurs at Frankovich during hour 4 of the performance came out and apologized for his behaviour.