M:ST for Fetishists

Fetishists looking for action at Mountain Standard Time have had plenty to get excited about during the festival’s packed first week. Kudos to both artists and programming committee for making an effort to include something for everyone!

Allison Cummings lifted and carried by Intimate Apparel actor Andre Sills.

In an interview with Allison Cummings, the choreographer and performance artist admitted that most of the YouTube views of Burden documentation seem to have come from “Lift & Carry” enthusiasts.

Johanna Householder crushes chips.

Johanna Householder laid out and then mercilessly crushed All Dressed Ruffles under the heel of her shiny black stiletto during W.O.R.K.S. on October 16.

Les Fermières Obsédées at the ContainRs, October 19, 2012

However, those for whom the craving for performance art is only satisfied by the wettest, messiest acts were surely set aquiver by Les Fermières Obsédées‘ orgiastic spectacle. The artists finished their filthy, filthy performance covered with cola, chocolate sauce and other unmentionables cannibalized from a doll that they alternately beat and ate. Plus, they gave out candy!

You can catch the collective’s second performance at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery on Sunday.

Les Fermières Obsédées