Joanne Bristol & Paul Petro

Joanne Bristol

Joanne Bristol. I think it’s from a photo from Venice, in a boat. This may be my new favourite; the green yarn is puffy and gives it a curly, fluffy look

Aside: I love photos from Venice — eventually I want to do a series of small portraits in sets: artists who have represented Canada at the biennale and their curators. Once I heard a story involving several artists who had gone to Venice; they were disappointed that it didn’t “set” their careers, it didn’t make them uber-famous (like when Janet and George won). How famous is famous enough? I’m so fascinated by the veil of glamour around it. I’d go on, but expounding would only make me sound too earnest and provincial.

Paul Petro

This is Paul Petro. I had a devil of a time finding a photo…which is a story in itself… It’s awesomer in person — the silver sparkles like a disco: if you see “K Quality Stardust” yarn, buy it all for me!